Blogger Tools & Resources

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In order to start a blog and be successful in it, one has to have their set of tools that would help with their daily blogging journey and help them be successful and create a stunning blogging empire. Take a look below for all the tools and resources that I have personally used and found very useful.

blogger tools and resources

Please do note that some of these links are affiliate links. Regardless, I would only add links that I have used and appreciated. I wouldn’t have been able to go through blogging this effectively without any of these resources.

Website Hosting

Siteground– Siteground is one of the most reliable hosting company for you to use for your website and blog. Your site would run seamlessly and in the event of hiccups, their customer service is impeccable. If you want a safe home for your website, Siteground is the best place to host it at.

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Commercial Use Images

A picture truly speaks a thousand words on a blog. Gorgeous images would do wonders to your blog’s visual appeal and your social media efforts. These websites would help you find great commercial use images that would help you create these amazing images very easily. Read our post on How To Make Images For Pinterest for more information. These image sources are stunning enough for Pinterest and can be used for blog posts and other social media platforms too.

11,000 Commercial Image – Find 11,000 images from a wide range of categories like nature, from different countries, of people young and old in various poses, that would work perfectly on any blog and social media images. These images are all licensed to be used for commercial purposes and can help you create impeccable images for your blogging efforts.

Pixabay.com – A great website to find professionally taken images that would fit all your blogging needs. Simply search for the images that would perfectly fit what you are blogging about and create stunning images with them.

Online Image Editing Tools

As a blogger, it isn’t a must to be a good designer or to even be good at Photoshop. You can have very little experience with image editing and still make captivating images for your blog with these amazing tools.

Canva.com – Canva is a new discovery and I am absolutely in love with it. A great online image editing tool to create images in fixed dimensions that works perfectly for everything from your blog post to Facebook and Pinterest. You can even create eBook covers and online ads and so much more with this simple and easy-t0 use tool. You would be amazed at the gorgeous images you can create with this amazing online image tool.

Picmonkey.com – Another great image editing tool is Picmonkey. It has great features and is very easy to use. This amazing tool with the right commercial friendly images, would help you with all your online image needs. You will be surprised at how elegant your blog images look when you use this.

WordPress Themes

As you know from the create a blog in WordPress post, we love WordPress and are always looking for awesome themes and frameworks to run our websites efficiently while it looks awesome. Your website is like the front door to your online business and would be the first thing that gives your potential customer their first impression. So stun them with your gorgeous site when you get one of these amazing themes.

Genesis By StudioPress – The Genesis framework with these lovely themes is all you need for a dazzling website. It comes with amazing widgets that would seamlessly work with your website and make it look really good. Your website would look awesome on desktop and mobile view.

Pretty Darn Cute Designs – These super cute WordPress themes work well with the Genesis framework and makes your site absolutely as cute and stunning as you want it to. These are truly one of a kind site with amazing designs.

Pinterest & Instagram

Tailwind App – If you wish to know how to increate website traffic with Pinterest, you would definitely appreciate the help of this all-in-one tool to schedule, automate, and analyze your traffic on Pinterest and even on Instagram.

Here are some of the blogger tools and resources that certainly makes a huge impact on your blogging work. You can now focus more on your writing and let these tools make the rest easier and faster.