Blogging For Stay At Home Moms

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You know that a great way for you to make money from home while being there with your kids is blogging. However, you have all this questions….
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You really want to do what’s best for your family as a mother – but you are just stuck trying to figure out how!

Blogging For Stay At Home Moms – The Comprehensive Guide Can

Help You Right Now!

Blogging For Stay At Home Moms - The Starter GuideBlogging For Stay At Home Moms – The Starter Guide

As a mother of a grade school kid myself, I can see the pain and struggles mothers go through. Nobody is happy – not the stay at home mom, and not the mom going to work!

And then you finally find what seems like the perfect answer to your problem but are stuck with not knowing how to take it from here!


Before I talk about what will be covered in this book and how it can guide you, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Aysha Iqbal and I have been blogging and making money online since 2010. I admit there have been ups and downs that I wished I had known about then – but past is past.

However, what I can do now is help YOU learn from my ups and down and get started on a strong foot and see results much quicker and enjoy them for longer.

You don’t have to take the painful route I did because I am going to map out the process you will need to take to reach your goals faster.

I am sure you have heard of the tons of moms who blog and wonder how they do it. You might wonder if you have what it takes. Well you do and we are here to show you exactly that!

Grab this guide for a comprehensive, easy to understand, step by step guide that would help you set up your blog and get you started on a road to a successful blog that would do more than provide a side income for you and your family.

Don’t tear yourself apart trying to help your family. Be there with them and for them working on your own time, your own pace, and on what you love with a gorgeous blog that you are proud to call your own.

Get started on the perfect path and be ready to rock the online world with your precious entries.

What Are You Waiting For? It Doesn’t Get Easier Than This!

Grab The Upgraded Version Of This Guide at only $20.50!

You will find step by step directions on how I learned how to start blogging and  talked about some mistakes I made. I then tell you how you can avoid them.

Finally, I don’t leave you hanging and lost! This guide also provides details on the resources and coaches that have helped me get where I am today.

You can learn from my journey and set yours on a stronger foundation.

In This Book You Will Learn

    • Why Blogging Is Perfect For Stay At Home Moms
    • The Various Ways You Can Make Money With Your Blog
    • How to Choose The Blog Topic Right For You
    • Basic Tools You Would Need To Get Started
    • How to Avoid Blogging Errors Many Pros Have Made
    • How To Set Up Your Blog For Success
    • How To Get Started On Your First Set of Blog Posts
    • What to Do After Each Blog Post is Published
    • List of Resources, Tools, and Other Information


Blogging is seriously one of the best online money making ideas that comes with a low investment and allows you to be your own boss. You know that and want to create one of your own.

Reading this starter guide would certainly give you all that you need to get started and set up a great blog for readers to enjoy.

You can make money from while being at the comforts of your home and without losing out on your kids’ childhood and irreplaceable memories!

And it would be a passion you enjoy, and that helps your gamfor you and your family!

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