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Can I Really Start My Own Blog As a Mom?

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You are interested in making money from home as a stay at home mom and are considering to start a blog. But then you have questions. You are asking yourself “Can I Make My Own Blog?“, ” Am I Sure This Would Work For Me?”.

can I make my own blogIf you are looking to clarify your decision to start or stay with your blog – then keep reading as I try to take care of a few obstacles that are lying between you and your very own blog.

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Is Blogging Right For Me If I am Not Tech Savvy?

When you first hear about blogging and terms like HTML, CSS, plugins, WordPress… you are probably asking yourself if you actually need to know programming to manage your own blog. The answer is NO! While you will be doing some small teeny tiny codes here and there, the usual blogging routine that you need to do in order to create your blog posts, publish and promote them requires very minimal coding expertise from you. That is one of the great benefits you have when you create a blog in WordPress for you to use and make money from.

create a blog in wordpress for bloggersWordPress is such a user friendly tool that comes with great plugins that do a lot of the coding and complicated things for you when you use them. You can create an amazing blog with just the tech skills it takes for you to write emails browse around the Internet, and check out Facebook. The great news is that for anything more complicated than that, there are lots of help groups and useful articles that are out there to help when you get stuck in some issue on your WordPress blog.

If you are still hesitant to start a WordPress blog for yourself, then you should consider taking a good WordPress course that teaches you how to install and start your blog using WordPress. A good course with video can certainly ease your fears and assure you that you too can do this.

I Don’t Think I Am Particularly An Expert In Anything

If you give it enough thought, you would be surprised to know all your strengths. Finding out what to blog about to make money is not about choosing a topic for you to become a pioneer in – it is about explaining something that you know a lot about and love in a style that is truly yours.

As a stay at home mom, you have skills, expertise, advise, and help to offer those around you. You have skills inside – now get them out there by starting your own blog. What did you love the most before you had kids? Think about that! What are some skills you do have but haven’t been using? What are the hobbies that you wished you could have the time for? Is it gardening, photography, cross stiching, crocheting, music? You can create a blog to pass on your knowledge to those who would love to learn these awesome skills from home!

And you found a way to enjoy your hobby while making money out of it! Great possibilities open up when you learn how to make money with a blog as a mom! You can create a stream of revenue for your family, while in the comforts of your home and without worrying about childcare! And you get to share your love for a skill with those who really really want them.

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We live in an informational age where people are just craving to learn all sorts of things. Your upcoming blog could be a great source of information for them.

You could also create a blog to show the world you care about their cause and concern and you are there to offer support. For instance, you could create a parenting blog that essentially journals your motherhood or family experiences so you can help other struggling new mothers. How much you want to share depends on how comfortable you are and is entirely up to you.

If you know something about helping parents whose kids have certain difficulties or disabilities – YOU could be the pillar of support they need to get through this. You could provide them with information, help, resources, a sense of assurance, and the knowledge that somebody can pull them through this! You can help families who struggle with certain issues regardless of where they are!


Always remember that your expertise, your experience, your opinion of things, your way of handling a situation – are always different and that is what makes you an expert. Don’t set yourself short – you are an awesome MOM and you are much greater than so many things than you let yourself believe. Sit down and do some brainstorming and you will come to know what you are an expert at. You can then easily know what to blog about to make money and help a whole community at the same time.

I Have Kids – How Can I Make Sure I Put In The Time Required?

As a mother, I know the struggle between managing a kid (or KIDS) and working on a blog at the same time. It is a struggle that requires some discipline and planning to make it work out well. However, it is something you can flex around to your needs. You can work for as many hours as your day allows or for as little time as you seem to be able to find.

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You have to come to terms with the fact that there is a reason you chose this mode of business instead of a 9-5 JOB – you want to be there for and with your family as a mother. So if the kids aren’t napping when you thought they would, or if they fall sick – do not fret it. Your blog isn’t going anywhere. You can pace down the work and pick it up where you left off when they get better. If you want to go on that vacation – just do some prep work ahead and go enjoy with your family! You can work on your blog on your own time.

However, it takes a whole lot of discipline to ensure that you do take blogging seriously and remember it is a business that needs nurturing. But you will find a routine that works for you and your family. You may get creative or get some help from family and friends – but this would be something you can do if you put your mind into it.

Remember! Your children would be proud of what you create – this little hub or empire of yours that you build from scratch. Imagine the kind of role model they see in front of them – one who builds something she believes in while taking care of everything that means the world to her. You would be an inspiration to your kids!

I Don’t Even Think I Know Where To Begin

If you have been researching the art of creating a money making blog, then I am sure your head is swirling in circles. Content creation, email list, social media .. it just keeps going on and on! Yikes…. But let me stop you right there and ask that you take a breath!

If you are just about to start on your blogging ventures as a stay at home mom then the first thing you need to do is get a guide that walks you through a step by step approach on how you can get started. You must also remember that you are just beginning and that you don’t need to have all the avenues set up at once.

You don’t need to have a list of 1000 people and social media accounts with a zillion likes or follows. What you need to know to start off is – what’s the blog topic right for you? And what your blog is going to be called. You then need a domain for your blog and some content. The rest can take its time and fall into place as your blog grows. Grow your blog organically so it stays on top. Anything that you rise up fast would come crashing down in the same speed. Don’t think too hard and just get started and watch everything fall into place.

Getting the right beginner blogger’s course can do a whole lot of good in starting up a blog for success without spinning the wheels in the wrong direction.

I sure hope that I have made you feel better about your decision to think about blogging as a stay at home mom. Blogging is to be taken as seriously as any other business and needs its investment in time and learning. But you can tackle this as a stay at home mother while caring for your children.

Now you don’t have to choose between helping the family and being there for them – you are embarking in a journey where you can help with both! So let’s take all that hesitation off and know that YOU CAN BUILD A BLOG FOR YOU TO SHINE!


  1. I’ve just begun my blog focused on savings and bargains for the average mom. I hope to implement some of these tools. Thank you!

    1. What a useful blog so many moms would need! I sure hope our blog and resources can help you reach more moms.

  2. Thanks for the advice and helpful tips. Starting a blog is definitely a big endeavor and it is important to keep a balance in your life while still putting in the effort required to create and manage a successful blog.

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