create a blog in wordpress for

Create a Blog in WordPress For You To Make Money Now

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create a blog in wordpress for
We are going to see why you need to create a blog in WordPress for yourself to make it big on the World Wide Web. I am sure you would have heard of many free blogging sites for you to get started on. While they might seem easy and achievable with no effort, there are many reasons why you should stay away from those easy ways and get your own website that you own and host. Read on to find out why and how to create your own website with WordPress and how easy it would be for you to do it by yourself.

create a blog in wordpress for bloggers
how to create your own website with

Why Creating a Blog in WordPress is Important

creating a blog in wordpressWhen you use your own domain and hosting and make a blog on WordPress, you get to be your own boss! You arenot relying on or playing on other’s playground. Your blog is in your hands – and only your own hands. This is extremely important in the changing online world – where anybody can emerge champions one day and would vanish into thin air the next day. And with their website, all your work, marketing, and efforts goes away in a flash – and there is nothing in the world you can do about it. It is your work – why leave it at someone else’s domain? Why would you leave the control and fate of your hard work with someone else? For a little ease? What if doing all that on your own is not only possible but the better way to do this?

Creating a domain, getting the right hosting, and learning how to create a blog in WordPress for your blog is definitely possible and the best investment you can do to ensure your blog lives through all changes.

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It might sound tempting to simply write on a free platform to avoid the startup cost of a domain and hosting. Infact, many of us started off as affiliate marketers at either Blogger, WordPress.org, or at sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, and so many others. However, as you advance in the world of creating a monetizing websites, you would find these portals restrictive and not allowing you to do what you want to do to make money online better. Create a blog in WordPress for your flexibility where the sky is the limit and you get to do what you want to do on your website. You can get your website to look the way you want and have the functions you intend for it with the myriad of plugins that are available for free out at the WordPress.org website.

Like I mentioned earlier, the main and important reason you need to learn the art of creating a blog in WordPress is because those free platforms – they can go away at any time. Like many of my fellow affiliate marketers, I started off at Squidoo.com. Don’t try access the domain – it doesn’t exist anymore. That’s my point. Many of us wrote tons and tons of articles with them to get a percentage of the commission that we earned through our marketing efforts and one fine day, we get a notice saying the site is shutting down and all our work is going to be lost!! Just like that! That was when I realized how important creating a blog in WordPress is for the life of your work out there. On your domain and with WordPress installed –nobody can ever take your work down or tell you they are done with you! You get to keep your work on your own site for however long you want to, and do anything (legal that is) with it!! Take it from someone who has gone down that road ..


How to Build a Blog on WordPress

So now hopefully I have convinced you that you do need to own and host your own blog, let’s see what you are going to need to create a blog in WordPress for you to earn unlimited income from.

how to build a blog on wordpress

Do these sound overwhelming? Fear not …
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The beauty of WordPress is you need not be a tech whiz to know how to create your own website with WordPress. WordPress is so user friendly and intuitive everyone young and old can follow the directions and get creating a blog in WordPress in no time. The cost of domain and hosting is indeed nominal for the endless income your blog is going to earn you and only you when it is built on grounds you own.

When you start a business, it is important to know you can’t get far if you want to start for free. You have to put in some money to make a lot more. The cost of domain and hosting is indeed that first investment you would need to do to ensure the success of your blogging endeavors online.

What Do I Do After Creating a Blog in WordPress

Once you have set up and created a site on WordPress, the rest is simple and purely aesthetic. You need a WordPress theme with the right layout to display the contents of your website. WordPress does offer some free WordPress themes that you can get started with. There are many WordPress themes out there you can shop for or get for free online. The theme that you want for your WordPress blog is entirely up to you.

My ultimate favorite themes are those that work on the Genesis Framework! You just have to get the Genesis Framework by Studiopress and grab the theme that you feel goes well with your blog content and layout. If you have or are planning on getting multiple websites, don’t worry! You only buy the framework once and get a different theme if needed.
StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes
Once the setup, design, and layout of your blog is ready, you are ready to make your first blog post and get started. You are not your way and know how to create a blog and make money for you! I sure hope you don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed by the need to learn how to create a blog in WordPress for you to succeed online and get on board to build fantastic websites. And if you ever get stuck, there are many people out there with the expertise to help you through it.

create a blog in wordpress


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