How To Create a Blog and Create Money For

How to Create a Blog and Make Money For REAL!

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How To Create a Blog and Create Money For

You may have seen many people telling you how to create a blog and make money for yourself from home. I am sure all that information is truly overwhelming. Some of them certainly do exaggerate while others are tried and true.

So what to believe and what not to? Let’s cover the basics that help you learn how to start a blog and make money online successfully. There are 3 Easy Steps you need to take to start writing a blog that makes money.

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Learn How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Step 1:You Need The Right Niche First

Niche? What’s a niche? It’s the main topic of your website! It’s the series of information you are going to provide to your readers to nourish them with and fulfill their needs. So how to find the best niche for you?

  • You Need To Be Interested And Passionate About The Topic
  • You Need To Know Enough To Produce Lots of Content For Years.
  • You Need To Be Able To Keep Your Readers Engaged.

Next, it needs to be something you can market something in! That is our prime reason for starting to make a blog online right, we want to make the money! While we shouldn’t just be chasing the money, we should be sure we could make SOME money.

It would also be good to know if you do have a sizable target audience seeking the information you are about to serve them. If your niche has a low demand, then odds are that getting successful would be a tad bit harder.

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What is a MUST HAVE To Create a Blog and Make Money?

Step 2: You Need a Self Hosted Site

You may have heard stories where people write on free sites that makes it easy for you to add content to and earn easily, quickly and even for free.

We have all been there and done that. But what you don’t always see is the consequences of playing on someone else’s playground – you get a notice one day that everything is about to be gone. Don’t fall prey to that again.

There is no joy is crying over spilled milk and that is NOT THE WAY to learn how to create a blog and make money for a lifetime of passive income to flow in.

The best way to learn how to write a blog and make money is to actually create your own self hosted blog – where you are the owner and you are the master. It really isn’t that overwhelming and you can in fact learn how to make a site on WordPress in a day.

With their multitude of plugins, you need not be a computer science major to create a website that makes you money. All you need is a domain, hosting that lets you install WordPress on it, and you are on your way to creating a great website you can monetize.

Do yourself a favor and learn how to create a blog in WordPress step by step and make your own website.

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You Need This To Create A Blog And Make Money For You

Step 3: Do Your Keyword Research

Before planning the blog content and blog posts, you need to first get your keyword and SEO research done right. You need to ask yourself “How can I find the best keywords for my website?” You want to use terms that readers use on search engine so you get found faster.

Your readers need to find you first and fast so you can keep them on with your enticing content and convert them to buyers. A key point to gaining good organic traffic is using keyword tools for efficient keyword and SEO research to keep you on the top.

At the same time, always remember who you are writing for – READERS and POTENTIAL BUYERS! So be sure to never lose track of that and use these keyword research tools as a guide to get you your right set of keywords before you go creating awesome blog posts.

Once you know your niche, have your website set up right, and have created the first few amazing blog posts, then the rest is just repetitive.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat…

Create new posts relevant to your niche consistently, update old posts from time to time, and watch your blog grow and make you money! Now you have the learnt the basics of how to create a blog and make money for real!

This is just the beginning to learning how to create a blog and make money for real! Get it right from the beginning by learning it the right way the first time round.

Stay tuned as we continue talking about how to create a successful blog and what to do after creating posts to ensure it creates unlimited income for you.

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