How to Create A Blog in WordPress Step By Step

How to Create A Blog in WordPress Step By Step On Your Own

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Creating your own blog on self hosted WordPress is really not as difficult as you might fear it to be. However, it is an important step in enabling you to start off your online business on a right note and have it set up for great success.

How to Create A Blog in WordPress Step By Step

This guide aims to help you master how to create a blog in WordPress step by step so you are assured you are doing everything right from the beginning.

How To Create A Blog in WordPress Step By Step

This step by step guide to teach you the basics of creating a blog in WordPress for your online business is to be done AFTER you have determined your blog niche, blog title, target audience, and are about to purchase the domain name for your blog. At this point, let me remind you again…


There is a huge difference and if you really want to create a blog in WordPress for your business, then you will need to remember this difference. So please do not go buying a plan at WordPress.com or anything before reading this step by step guide.

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Step By Step Approach To Create A Blog in WordPress For Beginners

      1. Buy A Domain URL
        Once you know what your blog is going to be about, you are ready to buy the domain URL – essentially the address to your website. You want this to be memorable and brandable because this is how people will find your business. .com domains are a better idea than .net or the other extensions.
        Some common places to get your domain names from are Godaddy and Namecheap.
      1. Get Hosting
        The next thing you need to get is a reliable hosting account to house your blog and all of its content in. You want a trustworthy company to care for your hard work and original content. You want a company that would help you when you get stuck with the technical details of your blog. A really good hosting company is Siteground – reliable, supportive, and highly efficient.
        A note to remember: If you have your domain in one company and your hosting with another (which is always recommended), you need to ensure that your domain is pointing to the hosting account to gain access. You do this by changing the nameserver at your domain URL. This would be provided for you by your hosting company.

      how to create a website in wordpress and

      1. Install Self Hosted WordPress Through Your Hosting Company
        Once you have your hosting account set up and have your domain name pointing to it, you can install WordPress onto the blog through your hosting account dashboard. The process is usually really simple but varies slightly from one hosting company to another.
      1. Get Your Username and Password and Log Into The Dashboard
        When you install WordPress, you would have set the username and password. Now you are ready to log into your website and start building your WordPress website from the dashboard.

Now your WordPress blog is ready for you to build, make it yours, and add great content to. Next, you would be adding on a theme with a great layout you like to the blog, work on the skeleton of the blog by adding in a header, menu, and the essential pages. You also have to make the site secure, with your content backed up and working efficiently for you.

Now That You Have The Site Set Up And Ready To Go, It’s Time To Keep The Site Secure, Backed Up, And Be Efficient Always
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Let’s Create A Blog in WordPress For Your Business

So you see, it really isn’t that hard to build a site on WordPress on your own. But it can be such a great step in ensuring that you have a site with content you can call your own, and you call the shots on.

Set the theme and layout of your blog the way you like it, add on money making links without letting a 3rd party dictate how you do it and how you run your blog (as long as you are abiding by the law). You can be the owner of your hard work when you build your blogging empire on your own grounds – on your domain URL and hosting.


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