how to find best keywords for website

How to Find Top Keywords for a Successful Website

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how to find best keywords for website

When you make a blog post or website, your first goal is to have it reach the target market as soon as possible – preferably through search engine and social media. And the easiest way to do that is to learn how to find top keywords for a blog post.

how to find top keywords for a

Why Learn How to Find Best Keywords for a Website?

how to find best keywords for a website When you are looking for some information online, what is the first thing you do? You get on a search engine like Google, or Bing and type in the phrase you think would get you the answers you want. Then you scroll down and usually try to find the answers within the first page. If they can’t find it, they try to change the phrase they use to search.

That is EXACTLY  What Your Target Market Would Do Too!

So what’s your means to reach them? Use the keywords THEY would use to search for what you are offering and present yourself in front of them! That’s how you get them in!! This is what you do to find best keywords for a website to get the best results FAST!

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Let’s Find The Best Keywords for a Website! How Do We Do That?

There are many ways you can try figure out how to find top keywords for a good flow of targeted traffic. Most people tend to use free keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner to try gather the best set of keywords for their blog post. This is alright but I personally feel that it gets too tedious, confusing, and sometimes even takes my focus off the website or blog post I start and get me stuck with a list of “possible blog posts” that I never get around since I have just gone round and round in circles.


how to find best keywords for my website

I am going to need a better keyword tool that can do more work for me and get me a concise set of keywords that would help my blog posts and websites capture the eyes of my target market.

Know Keywords For a Website With A Great Tool!

Since I wasn’t too happy with the results from the free keyword tool, I went on a search for a great tool that is seriously so affordable it pays for itself all the time and found Jaaxy. Jaaxy is so simple I am sure a 10 year old can figure it out (if they know what a keyword is in the first place). Jaaxy is great at letting you know how competitive or high in demand a particular keyword phrase is. It is also great at giving you alternate keywords and their strength. You can also analyze competitor websites based on search engine results and do so much more with Jaaxy. I definitely feel that Jaaxy is a must have tool for all bloggers and website owners who want to be seen on search engines and reach their target market.

Are All Keywords The Same?

know keywords for a website Once we know how to find top keywords for a great blog post or site, we don’t stop right there. We need to understand and note that not all keywords are the same. In other words, you need to think outside the box and use this tool as a guide and not blindly follow the results it displays. When you look at a keyword phrase, you need to understand if this search phrase would be used to seek information or buy products. Even if a keyword is optimum in terms of the competition and demand, you need to make sure it serves your purpose. Would you use the keyword to pass along information, or try to sell products? Then you need to make sure your keywords convey the same style as well and your blog post delivers what your main keyword and title promises.

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Let’s Start Learning How to Find Top Keywords for a Successful Website

Learning how to find best keywords for a website is just the first step. Understanding which ones to use to create money making blogs, knowing where to place these keywords and more, and how to utilize these power keywords to make money through each post is a long journey you have ahead of you.

Jaaxy truly makes this journey easier, more organized, and more effective. It offers a great foundation to help you create amazing blog posts that would not just attract your target market but engage them enough to compel them to buy from you. I certainly feel that it’s a great affordable investment that pays for itself over and over again through sales you make on your own blog posts and websites. Once you have figured out how to create a blog and make money for real, you need to lay a good foundation with quality keywords that would bring you the web traffic you need. A good foundation is the best guarantee you give to ensure that each and every one of your post convert into money making machines that can lead to unlimited income for you!

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