How To Get More Traffic On Your Blog

How To Get More Traffic On Your Blog

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How To Get More Traffic On Your BlogWe build our site so people can read and benefit from it right? If you are blogging with the intent of monetizing it, then the first question you would ask is how to get more traffic on your blog. You need readers to know you exist and that you have a solution they want. It is only a targeted audience that can later turn into buyers who learn more about you, appreciate your expertise, become your followers and buy as per your recommendations.

Why Learn to Get More Traffic To Your Blog?

Learning the art of getting more traffic to your blog is important as it gets you traffic from search engines, and followers who are seeking the knowledge from your expertise. You don’t want a blog that gets no visitors, or that gets random visitors. You want a blog that attracts those who can learn from what you share. You want a blog that can help a particular group of people with their struggles or problems. Your content might be gold but you need the right readers to appreciate it.

Now let’s find out what we need to do to get more traffic to your blog right from the beginning. The success of your blog comes from you knowing how to get more traffic on your blog.

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Learn To Get More Traffic To Your Blog With a Tight Niche Site

Many bloggers, young and old, make this mistake of blogging with a broad topic in mind. They either are all over the place, or trying to please a huge target market with different backgrounds and interests. Sadly, by trying to please everyone, you actually reach nobody.

can i get more traffic my blog target niche

Think of your website as a fishing net. Which net would grab more fish – a wide one with huge gaps or one with smaller gaps where no fish can slip through it? The second one right? That is how you look at setting your niche. By having a blog with a narrow focus, you can ensure all the blog post on your website tie up together and provide a holistic answer to your reader. By ensuring you have a tight niche site, you put yourself in an authoritative position that can help your reader in all aspects of your expert topic. This would help you when you are trying to know how to get more traffic on your blog.

Therefore, the key to good blog traffic is having a tight niche and zooming in on a focused topic. That way you get the attention of search bots, and your target market and can get your message out more effectively. Narrow down your blog topic to learn what to blog about to make money online.

Use Appropriate On Page SEO to Ensure You Get More Targeted Blog Traffic

can i get more traffic my blog seoWhile it is more important to write your blog posts to reach your target market, you do need to make some effort to be more visible on search engines. This is because search engine is one of the ways new visitors can get introduced to you.

Imagine them going on Google to search for answers, and they find your blog post on the first page of the results. What will they do next? They click in to read what you have to tell, and might like your style enough to browse around some more. Therefore, what was their point of entry ? That search engine result! This is why search engine optimization is quite important when figuring out how to get more traffic on your website.

There are some simple ways to achieve some great on page SEO that ensures that each and every blog post you create could reach out to a larger mass of web traffic. Before you learn how to get more traffic on your blog, let’s find some simple SEO tips to get some quality on-page SEO that can help your website.

Instead of writing things out of the blue, you could write based on keywords that have a high search value. You should be sure to use them appropriately and naturally around the blog post. Be sure to tag posts so search bots see that the blog posts are connected. Also be sure to interlink blog posts that are relevant to one another. The power of interlinking helps with search bots seeing the connection between all the blog posts in your website. It also makes it easier for readers to find content related to what they have just read.

get more traffic my blog

How To Get More Traffic On Your Blog With Social Sharing

get more traffic my blogWhat is another effective way to get more people to your blog? Show it off to the world!! Make a shout out in places where your target market gathers. Or in other words, share your blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and more.

Find out where your market hangs out and go tell them about your useful blog post so they could benefit too. Invite them to your blog with these social media posts. You made a great post so get traffic to them from those who would love to learn from you! Shout it out to the world!

Can I Get More Traffic On My Blog?

I sure hope that you got the right tips to learn how you too can start learning the simple art of getting some traffic to your blog. Like I said in the beginning, we write amazing blog posts so the people can read them. We wouldn’t want it to just be stranded out in the vast world wide web all by itself. We want our target audience to read it and benefit from it. That is how we reach out to people to help them. And now these simple tips when done over and over again through each blog post would help your blog gain the traffic it deserves.


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