how to increase website traffic with pinterest

How to Increate Website Traffic With Pinterest Like a Pro!

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You would definitely know by now that Pinterest is indeed a power machine that does more than let you collect recipes, craft ideas, and DIY inspirations. It’s a great resource for marketers who definitely to should try find out how to increase website traffic with Pinterest today!

how to increase website traffic with pinterest

Pinterest is by far one of the best forms of social media that you can start using right now to promote your online business – whether you are doing affiliate marketing, blogging, a POD store, or selling your own products. A great way to get traffic to your site is by investing some time and tools to ensure that you are using Pinterest as part of your marketing system.

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Here we are going to see the 5 steps that would surely help you see that you too can increase website traffic with Pinterest. Follow these easy steps and you would be on your way to creating viral pins like a Power pinner and bringing massive traffic to your site. And massive traffic means great sales! So don’t you want to know how to get traffic with Pinterest?

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Step 1: Key To How to Get Traffic with Pinterest is to Create Gorgeous Pinnable Images

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A picture does more than speak a thousand words on Pinterest – it attracts your potential customers and urges them to click and come in for more information. So your images have to stand out and grab them as they scroll down the wall of images on their Pinterest wall. This is what you do when you learn how to increate website traffic with Pinterest for more exposure and sales.

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Also longer images work better than wider images and square ones. They do the perfect job lining up and getting the attention of your targeted market. The ideal dimension is 735px by 1102px. It is not an exact set of dimensions but can be used as an estimate. Just remember longer works better than wider.

Some Resources to Create Gorgeous Pinterest Images

Step 2: Master How to Generate Traffic from Pinterest by Only Pinning To Relevant Boards

increase website traffic with pinterestTo get traffic through Pinterest, you want your pin to only show up on boards relevant to the topic of the pin and the blog post it promises to deliver. You do not want a blog post about Toddler toys to have a pinnable image to toys for all ages. And you definitely do not want to pin it to something completely irrelevant like “Nature trips for kids” for instance.

Having the pin on a tightly relevant board helps not only the targeted market reach you better but also helps with search engine strength. After all, Pinterest is a super power search engine in itself!

This is an essential step to ensure that you figure out how to get traffic with Pinterest by being relevant and giving the Pinterest viewer what they came looking for.

Step 3: To Get Traffic With Pinterest, Don’t Pin Only Once

Your pins would probably be relevant to many boards across your account. Therefore, you need to ensure you have maximized your boards by having them on all the appropriate boards. Your pin is too gorgeous to just be hidden on one board and not be found in every means relevant.

Your pin would not help you increase web traffic with Pinterest unless you have set it free to be found by viewers seeking the information and looking for answers.

But do you just pin them to all the boards all at once? Probably not… Again remember we always emphasize the need to pace yourself and not go on a binge when it comes to pinning. But I am sure it’s a struggle to work out which pin has made it to which board and needs to go on which next. That was a sure struggle I faced when I first started pinning.

Until I found Tailwind.

A Tool I Use To Help Me Schedule My Pins To Get Posted Over Time To All Relevant Boards Without Me Worrying Or Trying To Keep Track => Tailwind.

Step 4: Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest by Being Consistent with Your Pinning Schedule

Let me say this again… MODERATION IS KEY! You need to be moderate about your pinning schedule and be consistent. Make it look natural.

Don’t go on a pinning frenzy for an entire day and not go near your account for another week. That isn’t going to help you and could in fact hurt you if Pinterest thinks you might be spam. So be consistent each time you get on Pinterest.

And definitely make use of cool programs like Tailwind to ensure that you have pins from yourself and others consistently being pinned and repinned.

Step 5: Get Pinterest Traffic by Following the 20-80 Rule

As a rule of thumb, be sure that you always follow the 20-80 Rule of Pinterest. Your pins should be consisted of 20% from your site and 80% from other sites that don’t belong to you!

Pinterest is about sharing and gathering good relevant content. If you simply share yours, then the authenticity is gone and it can even be looked at as spam.

By having content from your site and that from all over the web, you don’t appear to simply need to market your own products and blog posts. You appear to be sharing useful information that would reach people who are looking for it.

Did You Learn How to Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest?

These are the 5 Steps you need to follow when learning how to increate website traffic with Pinterest. Don’t forget to stay updated on what works now in Pinterest and keep learning. Like all forms of internet marketing strategies, this too is evolving and can change.

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But one thing is for sure… Pinterest is a very visual form of marketing that has captured people from all over the world. So if you want your blog to land in front of your target market, you have to embrace Pinterest and master it like a pro!


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