how to make a blog post

How To Make A Blog Post Look Awesome And Be Easy To Read

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how to make a blog post
Face it! We are all skim readers. Our smart devices and technology brings too much information to our fingertips. We live in a time when too much content is thrown at us on any given day. We’re bombarded by articles, social media posts, emails, podcasts, videos etc.

We come across a lot more content than we could possibly consume any given day. And chances are that a lot of it is good stuff. But there is only so much we want to read. So what does get our attention? How does this generation decide which information to read and which one to skip. Ask yourself ” How to make a blog post easier for my readers to enjoy so they would actually read it?” “What do I do to make my blog post look awesome and keeps my viewers coming back for more?”

With all this technology, we have all gotten pretty good at scanning and then picking and choosing what we actually want to read, watch, or listen to. So as a blog reader how do you use this information to your advantage?

You need to break your content up into smaller chunks to make it easier for your readers to scan through it quickly. That way, you keep their attention and allow them to decide if they want to continue reading your blog post or not. You need to takes steps to find out how to make your blog post stand out and keep their attention.

If you can’t show them at a glance what the post is about, chances are pretty good that they’ll move on to something else. They need to get the gist of your post in a glance. That is what would increase your chance of being read.

Here are a couple of different things you can do to break up your post and make sure it’s easy to scan. This is what we do to make our blog posts easier to read and more attractive for our readers.

Make Your Blog Post Stand Out With Headlines and Sub-Headings

The best way to make a post easy to scan is by using headlines and sub headings to break up the content. Think of the outline of your post. Each point in your outline could be a subheading. Start with those and then fill in the content.

Or if you prefer, start with the content and then go back and add the sub headings. Create the content and work in the subheadings in whichever way works best for you. The only important thing is that they are in there before you hit publish. Learning how to make a blog post look good could be as simple as using your outline to create appropriate sub headings.

See How A Sub Heading Breaks Up The Content?

When your readers quickly skim through the sub headings, they should get an idea on what the blog post is about. It also helps avoid having an almost endless paragraph overwhelming them. This makes it easier for them to stick around and actually read through what you have to offer in your blog post. If something is just too big, they just want to skip it and move on to something else.

The headlines and subheadings that you create not only make your blog post look good, but also help improve the SEO of your post. Use your set of keywords in your headlines to get more credibility with the search engines. Using the H2 or H3 tag helps alert the search bots realize that your post is indeed relevant for the keyword phrase. This would be a great way to please your readers and the search engine all at once.

Make Your Blog Look Good with Short Paragraphs

Reading online is a lot different than reading something on paper. Books, newspapers and magazines can get away with long paragraphs. It is a whole other story when you are reading online. Text is harder to read on digital devices and our attention span keeps shrinking. We have to remember this when we work on making a blog post more attractive and enticing to read.

One of the most effective things you can do to keep your readers reading is to keep your paragraphs and sentences short. Don’t make it much longer than three or four lines.

Also remember to always check how your paragraphs appear on mobile devices. What appears as a short paragraph on the laptop would appear super long on the smart phone. Remember the screen is smaller and your text tends to run down longer. Therefore, a short paragraph on your desktop might look a mile long on the smartphone.

Use Lists And Bold Important Key Terms And Make Your Blog Post Look Awesome

Next you want to go through your content and see if there’s anything you can present in the form of a list.
● Use a list instead of several related sentences.
● Use a list to share examples.
● A list is a great way to break things up and grab your reader’s attention.
● Lists can be as long or short as you need them to be.

You can use so many other formatting options to make the important points in your blog post stand out. You could bold important key terms, italicize them, or even underline them for emphasis. You could also use text of different color to make a point stick out.

All of these formatting options make it much quicker and easier to scan a piece of text and figure out what it’s about without having to read every single word. The readers today do not read each and every word on your blog post. Therefore, make it worth their while to get the points in your post in just a simple glance.

Make Your Blog More Attractive With Amazing Graphics

Last but not least, you can use effective graphics to break up the content of your blog post and make it easier to read. A picture is one of the best ways to convey within seconds what your blog post is about and generate interest. We live in the age of social media.

Just scroll through your Facebook feed and look at what’s getting your attention. Or how about browsing through Pinterest? Images hook you and grab you in. The images also break up the content of your blog post.

Make your blog post stand out

Make sure you use them to their fullest advantage. A picture is worth a 1000 words and you can use that to attract readers, while making the blog post easy for them to read. It certainly is a way to make your blog post look good.

Add Your Products with Product Displays

Many bloggers intend to feature a product or a list of products for sale on their website. Their intent would be to showcase it to their readers in such a way that it attracts their attention but doesn’t turn them off as being too salesy.

Simply leaving a link may or may not trigger the reader to click to go purchase. However, a tasteful product display can do wonders in appearing tasteful and you would enjoy the conversion rates.

Make Your Blog Post Look Awesome
You want to be sure to not list too many products per display set. You want your product to attract attention and let the reader know that they could click on it to buy it.

These product displays are certainly another great way to break up the text within the blog post and make it easier to read and more pleasant on the eyes.

Find Out How To Create Amazing Blog Posts That Converts To Sales

Use These Methods To Create Amazing Blog Posts That Look Good

We know that you have amazing content to share with your target market. You have so much expertise to share – so keep it simple and short to allow people to actually read through them and appreciate it.

Learn how to make a blog post that can help present your knowledge in means that the skim readers of today will appreciate. That is how you turn a potential reader into a follower of your blog and eventually a customer.

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