How to Make Images For Pinterest

How to Make Images For Pinterest That Works For You

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Pinterest is a truly visual search engine that has the potential to do so much for you and your business. Therefore, it is almost vital that every online business seriously learns how to make images for Pinterest so you drive the right traffic into your website and get more sales and revenue.

How to Make Images For Pinterest

Now, I am sure you have been super impressed when you see the gorgeous images on your Pinterest wall. I sure am! Things have improved so much when it comes to how people are marketing on Pinterest these days. They are really using its visual appeal and standing out! Now that could be overwhelming also. It might make you wonder if you could make images that gorgeous and attractive.

The good news is to create great images and graphics for Pinterest really does not require you to have graphic designer skills, or even super expensive software. Believe it or not, you can get away without knowing how to use Photoshop – as a lot of us know how complicated that software can get.

how to make images for Pinterest

So What Do You Need To Create Awesome Images For Pinterest?

Amazing Pictures Make Great Graphics For Pinterest

pin photos pinterestPinterest needs good, crisp, clear quality images that are licensed for commercial use. There are a few ways to get some cool pictures to help create those amazing pin images.

First, you can take your own pictures. This is especially effective for product reviews, especially if you have the item. The pictures would be an original and definitely one of a kind. You don’t need expensive camera equipment to take these pictures – at times even your smartphone or a simple camera would do.

However, we can’t always take the right images to go with our blog posts. That is when commercial licensed stock images come to our rescue.

There are plenty of free and cheap sources of commercial licensed images that would help with all your blog posts – regardless of the topic. My favorite site is Pixabay.com. At times, you may have to think out of the box to get the right types of images to make your Pinterest pin appeal to your target market.

My Favorite Super Cheap Collection of Stock Photos That Makes Creating Pinterest Images So Much Easier!

There are times when it might be easier or just better to sought some paid options. Here are some affordable and excellent places to get some paid and good stock images for your Pinterest images. If they get you the attention and traffic from Pinterest that you would like, then it sure is a worthy investment.

  • Deposit Photos – Great stock photo, illustrations and vectors that would fit all niche and markets. Professional work that can be downloaded on demand or with a plan.
  • Styled Stock Society – Great place to find style stock photo especially good for female entrepreneurs.

There are many Pinterest tips and tricks that say that images without a human face on it do better than those with. I am not too sure how true that is – I suppose it depends on what the pin and post promises to deliver. Ultimately, I am sure it all boils down to relevancy. If the image is relevant, and works with the topic the pin and ultimately the blog post it links to, then it should work!

A Good Pin Image Need An Online Image Editing Tool

images for pinterestA plain stock image with no editing or title would do no good as a Pinterest pin. A Pinterest image needs a captivating image and a title that tells you what the pin and post is about!

You are going to need to know how to make a good image that portrays the right message to Pinterest viewers when learning how to make images for Pinterest.

A pin with a bunch of toys doesn’t mean anything to a Pinterest viewer. But a pin with a bunch of toys and a title that says “Super Cool Imaginext Toys” would immediately tell your viewers knowing exactly what to expect when they click on the pin.

So how are you going to bring a picture or stock photo, some text and other decoration together? Like I mentioned earlier, being a good graphic designer is absolutely not needed to get successful with Pinterest. You can do this without trying to figure out the ins and outs of some complicated and expensive software like Photoshop or Photo Elements.

So no graphic skills or Photoshop? Then how is this possible you wonder?

All you need are some online photo editing tools like Canva, Picmonkey, or Befunky. These online tools are free and maybe with some pro features that comes with a small fee. So far, I am still enjoying these online tools as free accounts.

These tools are extremely simply to understand, comes with a myriad of fonts and other accessories like frames, icons, graphics that would let you create stunning images in a matter of minutes.

These online tools let you create images in sizes that are optimum for each social media. They give you templates to help you get started, and it is super easy to create gorgeous pins that would certainly stand out. And you end up creating beautiful images.

Here is a pin image that was created with the online tool, Canva, which is my current favorite. I like all the three online tools mentioned and tend to switch around to get images that look different from time to time. And yes they are huge! So you probably don’t want to display them on the blog all the time – unless it provides some visual appeal. The ideal Pinterest pin size is around 735 by 1105 px.

how to make graphics for Pinterest

Practice Makes Perfect When Learning How to Make Images for Pinterest

photos for pinterestPractice makes perfect is the best way to describe how your pin images would get better with time. Once you start making good pin images, you would get better at it. You would get better at taking the right pictures for your pin images, or finding great sources for stock images. You would learn the ropes of your online image editing tool and start making greater images, maybe even faster.

If you are looking to learning how to increase website traffic with Pinterest, then you need to take the time and really make these images that would blow your own mind away. I never ever thought I could make these beautiful pins that you can find all over Pinterest these days. If I can do it, you can definitely do it too!

You Are All Set To Making Images For Pinterest Like a Pro!

Make the best use of Pinterest by not getting hidden on someone’s Pinterest wall. Shine out and get those repins that would get your pins right in front of those who are seeking out for information that you have to offer. Don’t get overwhelmed and know that it is easy to learn how to make images for Pinterest. Let’s get started on how to make images for Pinterest and make your social media marketing efforts reap proper rewards – bringing you the targeted traffic and sales your blog and website surely deserves.

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