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Why Use Tailwind App For Pinterest

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I can’t emphasize the need to use Tailwind app for Pinterest enough! It seriously is the answers to all my problems when it came to learning how to market with Pinterest effectively. You definitely want to put your best efforts to be visible or better yet viral on this super search engine for your website, blog and business to explode to infinite potential.

tailwind app for pinterest

Before we see why I love to use Tailwind for Pinterest, let’s see the problems I faced when I started to market with Pinterest. What were my hindrances? Why couldn’t I use it to the full potential?

Check Out Tailwind App For Better Pinterest Marketing

use tailwind for pinterest
use tailwind for pinterest

Social Media Marketing With Pinterest Before Tailwind

Before Tailwind came to the rescue, I knew I was having some fun on Pinterest. I did get a significant portion of my traffic from this social media outlet. However, I was leaving so much unused resources on the table.

My Pinterest traffic could be a lot more than what I was getting. There was literarily money lying on the table and I did not know how to get them without spending way too much time, effort, and messing my head over them! What am I talking about?

My Blog Posts & Pins Were Not Always Being Pinned Where They Should Be!

Now I have loads of older posts on my blog that I constantly add to, and create new pin images for. I also create a pin image for newer blog posts. (Nowadays with the help I am getting from Potpie Girl’s Pinning Strategy Course, I make more than 1 pin image per post) However, I don’t pin them all!! I forget which pin went on which board.

tailwind for pinterest

I have over 200 boards on my Pinterest account. How in the world am I supposed to keep track of what post needs to be pinned where, and when? I always lose track and guess what… give up!

I may have just pinned one, maybe two pins that makes sense and many of my blog posts don’t even get pinned on appropriate boards. And being pinned around less means less visibility for my pins and blog posts!

Can you see the potential lost here?

The other way I was losing out on the potential when trying to learn how to market with Pinterest, was that I was terribly underpinning. Barely 2-5 pins would go up from my blog per day onto pin boards.

I used to be so afraid about pin stuffing (or mass pinning and getting penalized), that I would pin this few in each session per day. But with a busy schedule, that sometimes was my only session in a day, and so only a few pins would go out from my blog to seek the attention of my target market.

What a Waste! I was Tired of Just Seeing All That Potential Being Washed Down The Drain.
And I didn’t know what to do…


I Realized I Needed the Tailwind App For Pinterest

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Tailwind was truly the answers to all my problems!! Seriously!!

So What is Tailwind and how does it help social media marketing with Pinterest, you wonder? Read on to find out how the Tailwind app for Pinterest has seriously transformed my Pinterest marketing for the better.

Tailwind For Pinterest To Schedule Pins Better

The Tailwind app for Pinterest has plenty of awesome features that help you with pin scheduling, monitoring pin boards, and pin analytics as well. It is a genius concept really.

With your Tailwind Pro account, you don’t have to come by the computer to pin live from your blog each and every time you want the pin out.. You can schedule your pin to go out anytime you want.

Tailwind actually suggests some time slots based on its analysis of your reader’s habits and lists a set of productive timings to schedule your pins at. Over time, this lists gets revised to suit any changes to your target market habits. So you find more suitable time slots of the day to ensure your pins get out there.

tailwind app for pinterest

Use Tailwind For Pinterest to Maximize Your Pinning Efforts

Tailwind for Pinterest not only helps you find the best time of the day to schedule and outgoing pin – it also lets you schedule 1 pin across all the boards on your Pinterest account! And you can schedule the time interval between each pin.tailwind-app-for-pinterest-interval

You do not want the same pin going across 10 boards in an instant. But now with the Tailwind app for Pinterest, you can create a time interval between each pin from the same blog post that goes to the respective board so it goes to the board without seeming too spammy!

What a relief! Now you can certainly get to market with Pinterest to the full potential using Tailwind.


This feature also lets you know if the URL you are about to pin has already been on that board and when was the latest entry.

Therefore, you can space out your pins within group boards and be sure your pins don’t repeat too soon and get you kicked out of the group boards. You can also reutilize boards and pins that you probably pinned on last year.

Now, pins from my blog are appropriately represented all over Pinterest, and over a longer time frame. These amazing features would certainly create a huge increase in my potential when it comes to social media marketing with Pinterest.

How Else Do I Use Tailwind For Pinterest?

Tailwind for Pinterest also comes with its own analytics system that lets you assess how your pins are performing. This is certainly great information when you try to decide how to use Pinterest better to help build your business.

What Are You Waiting For? You Can Even Try Tailwind For Free First!

I also love the fact that Tailwind would show you ways to improve your boards! If you have a neglected board with too little pins, or no descriptions, you would actually get an alert and can go get that fixed right away.

You need not go in circles trying to recall which pin boards are fixed and which needs improvement. This allow your boards to grow up to their full potential as well.

Planning to Use Tailwind For Pinterest?

I sure hope that you would consider using Tailwind to improve your social media marketing with Pinterest. Now that I use Tailwind app for Pinterest, I am so much more efficient and effective.

I now have up to 20-30 pins going out of my blog per day and they reach all the relevant boards in a systematic fashion – all automated.

I spend less time on Pinterest marketing and get more done! And I definitely am mastering how to increase website traffic with Pinterest. And of course get more sales!!

Now I can work more on my blog posts, or enjoy the other articles I come on Pinterest as I browse through my account wall! Tailwind has truly been a life saver (time is money right?) that has been helping me maximize my potential on social media marketing with Pinterest and I immensely grateful to have come across this amazing tool.

Would You Be Using Tailwind for Pinterest Today?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


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