What To Blog About To Make Money Online

What To Blog About To Make Money Online?- The Ultimate Guide

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What To Blog About To Make Money Online

It is always great to know what to blog about to make money online before you start the website as that certainly ensures that you produce better results faster.

So ask yourself this… What should my blog be about? Do I go for what’s popular? Do I go for what the expert is writing on? CERTAINLY NOT!

what should I blog about to make money
what to blog about make money

What Should My Blog Be About?

The first key to finding what to blog about to make money is to write about WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT the most. Something that you have a lot of first-hand knowledge- from education or experience. It should be on a topic that matters to you, that you are passionate about.

A good niche or topic to blog about for you is a topic that you can provide endless blog posts that never lack in quality or sound repetitive. Your voice is going to show in your blog posts and if they don’t carry passion – how are you going to keep your readers interested?


The Key To Find Out What To Blog About To Make Money

Secondly, be sure to get a tighter and narrowed down topic. Try not to get too general and do get in deeper and be more laser focused. The tighter the better (but not so ultra-tight that you can’t write more than 15 articles on it). Let’s see an example to explain what I mean.

what should i blog about to make moneyIf you want to write about recipes – that is just too broad… So narrow it down. Let’s say Breakfast recipes… then go deeper and narrow it down to something more specific… Maybe Breakfast Muffin Recipes. Now that’s quite narrow.

I am sure you could go even more laser focused provided you know enough to create a whole blog out of it. The broader your niche is, the harder it would be to find you and your amazing blog posts.

The key to understanding what to blog about to make money online is to go narrow, zoom in, and be a master in that…rather than staying general and not really going focusing anywhere.

Being laser focused on your niche can do wonders to help you succeed and that’s how you create a blog and make money for real on the Internet. That’s how you figure out what to write about to make money online.

Important Point to Remember When Deciding How to Choose What To Blog About

Another important thing you need to ask yourself when understanding what to blog about to make money is – are people are searching for what you are about to offer? Does your blog topic or niche help address something people are interested in or want to learn more about?

Do your keyword research and understand if there is a demand for your niche. Or do you have too much competition? If either or both of these are true, then you might want to either consider another niche or find a creative way to approach your current idea.

Trying to write for a niche that has no demand might not work in the long run as you just won’t have anybody looking for you. Also, dealing with too competition from the big dogs of the industry might not be an extra burden that you want to handle in the beginning. Let your blog grow and gain traffic and sales organically before you expand further.

what should my blog be

How to Choose What to Blog About To Help Others

Lastly, does your blog topic answer or address issues that people are seeking answers for? Remember while making money online is a goal, our purpose should be to provide help and resources to help people out there with their problems or concerns. So when asking yourself “What should I blog about to make money?” find out whose pain and problems you are intending to solve. Find out the questions your new blog would answer.

By providing an answer to help them solve something, we create happy readers and potential customers. So having a niche that can address something people want an answer for could be a great way to determine the niche that is right for you.

Have You Figured Out What To Blog About to Make Money Online?

Give some thought to what you want your niche to be as having that established early in your blogging days can make success come so much faster and smoother. The more laser focused you are, the faster you are found, and the quicker you see positive results that only motivate you to go on further.

But remember this is your niche to decide- don’t let market value or other writers, or any popularity measure determine it for you. You and only you can decide what you can write about to provide value for your readers. Only you can decide where your passion lies and what you want to share with the world.

Find out what to blog about to make money online and be prepared to nail and rule it! Click on the banner below to find the best course that gets you started.


  1. This is a very well written article as it is very difficult to make money online without knowing your audience. The nice thing is once you know your audience it is only a matter of repetition and scale. Take massive actions and get awesome results.

  2. “Are people are searching for what you are about to offer?” Answering this saves countless hours of wasted time. It breaks my heart to come across a blog that gets very little traffic and/or doesn’t make much (if any) money. Blogging is the best job in the world if you do it right and choosing the right topic/niche goes a long way toward earning an online income.

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