why your blog post needs pictures

A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words, And You Definitely Need Them In Your Posts

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why your blog post needs pictures

You’ve heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That is so true when it comes to a blog post. Good pictures certainly do a great part in enhancing the quality of the post to your target audience. Along with good content and details, you want to make sure your posts are visually appealing and attention grabbing.

Good pictures are a great way to accomplish that. There are many benefits to adding some quality and relevant pictures to your blog post. Let’s take a look at some of these now.

why blog posts need pictures now

A Picture Can Draw Readers In

A picture will draw readers in and make them read your blog posts. Don’t believe me? Have a look at some of the major news sites, big blogs, or even your Facebook feed. It’s the pictures that grab your attention in combination with the post title.

blog post needs pictures

Try to find an image that tells the story of your post. The image should tell at a glance (with the help of the post title) what the blog post is all about. Make this your introductory or featured image and see how it makes your blog post pop and create attention towards itself.

Of course you’re not limited to just one image. If it fits the topic, grab a few to illustrate what you’re talking about or show step-by-step progress. You can use appropriate images with good titles to emphasize key points in your blog post, or to illustrate out a procedure in a way that makes it easier to understand visually.

Pictures Make The Blog Post Easier To Read As Well

Adding relevant images to the blog post is a great way to break up the text within the blog post to make it easier and more appealing for the readers. The readers of today are more prone to be skim readers and it’s best to not lose their attention to long winded paragraphs.

Add Images To Blog Posts

Having pictures to break up the content allows the readers to focus on the paragraphs and stay engaged on the blog post itself. Keep the paragraphs small and add images to break up the content for the readers to stay on your blog article and benefit from it longer.

Image Are Good For SEO Of Your Blog Post

Why use images for blog posts

Having pictures added to your blog post does more than enhance the quality of your blog post for the readers. It also improves the search engine power of your blog post. By adding images to your blog post, you have yet another avenue to let the search bots know that you have the relevant content for the set keywords. But do you wonder how you can add in your keywords to the image to add on to your blog’s post SEO strength?

You do this by implementing the keywords associated with the blog post on the file name, and alt tag of the image file. Let’s take a look below to see how that can be done.

When you are using an image on your blog post, ideally it would be a commercially friendly one that you save onto your desktop or hard drive. The first step you need to do to ensure that you maximize the SEO potential your image can bring in is by using a keyword to name this image file.

blog post needs picturesOnce you insert the image, you would be able to see that the file name has the main keyword on it. Now to add more SEO juice, simply insert the keyword phrase on the Title, Alt Tag, and Description fields.

blog post seo with images


This adds on the SEO power of that blog post for the selected keywords and allows you to gain more organic searches from search engines. And the images make your blog post look prettier and more appealing too.

You Need Pictures For Social Media Shares

You need images that you would use to share your blog posts on social media. It’s the image on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest that grabs your attention first and urges you to click and find out more.

A good image will stand out and draw people in. Without it, your chances to get the click and more importantly the read and interaction on your blog are slim. Therefore, you definitely will need to learn how to make images for Pinterest and other social media platforms.

But it doesn’t stop there. As you get traffic to your post, those readers will be more likely to share your post on social media if it has a good image or two. Have an easy to use social share buttons and the right images associated with each social media platform and you have made it easier for readers to share your content on their profiles and widen the reach.

Add Pictures To Help Your Blog Post Today

I sure hope that you can see the benefits of taking the time to create appealing and amazing images to add to your blog post. These images would certainly make them more enticing for the readers and as mentioned before, improves the SEO power of the blog post as well. It might take time to create these images but they do come along a long way in helping your blog post fare better.

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